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Comca Systems, Inc., was  established by Danish software innovator, Kim Jensen and his wife, Mirza Jensen, in 1989.


In  1989,  Members of the dry cleaning industry contacted Mr. Jensen with the request, "We need  a  Point  of  Sales system that is easy to use and adaptable  to  any  cleaner's  need!" Consequently, the first Cleaner's Point of Sales was  installed in Tampa in 1990.

Today, Comca Systems, Inc., is the leading software developer for the cleaning industry making applications for Point Of Sales, Accounts Receivable, Route Systems, Assembly Lines, Home Delivery Systems, Drop Store Delivery, and Store Managers.


Mobile POS, Route Driver, Time Clock, Inventory Manager, and Barcode Label Checker for Android.

Our Windows applications can be used with Windows 7 or higher. The applictions are optimized for optional Touch Screen Monitors. 

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