Label System

For Permanent Barcode Labels


  • Print barcode labels or use pre-printed barcode labels, that can be heat-sealed onto the garment

  • Every time the garment comes back, you simply scan it.

  • Invoices are created automatically.

  • Information kept on file includes:

    • How many times the garment has been processed.

    • The first and last time the garment was processed.

    • Keeps information about the cleaning preferences.

    • Keeps information about spots, tears, etc...

  • Personalize your labels with your company name or other information.


Here is a sample of our heat seal garment labels (2" x 1").

Here is a sample of our preprinted label 0.69" x0.25".

Permanent Label System (Requires Cleaners Professional POS).  $795.00


10,000 pre-printed bar code labels from $400.00

Lower prices for higher quantities.

Features of the Model-7 Pop-Up Press

Reliable computerized time and temperature control

The digital computer is calibrated to within 1 degree accuracy and will hold platen temperature to within 2% of your pre-set value.

Operator error alert & supervisor auditing

The digital computer will alert the operator and count the errors if he/she applies a label when the platen is too hot or too cold or if he/she lifts the handle before the pre-set application time has elapsed. Errors are counted and can be viewed by management for training and auditing purposes.

The time and temperature setup and calibration data is encrypted and can be changed only by someone who has the access code, without access, no unauthorized software changes can be made.


The heat seal presses have a two year warranty on parts and labor. We have free technical support for the life of the equipment.



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