Assembly System

To use with the Label System

Garments will be marked with bar-coded permanent tags generated by the application or by using pre-printed bar-code labels.


By having scanning points, at different locations in the plant and in the assembly area, it is possible to see who pressed, who inspected, who assembled the garments and the time and date the garments were processed. 

This Production and Assembly System can be used together with the Drop Store program to monitor date and time the order left the plant.

Assisted assembly of garments into an order can be done by having a slick rail with assembly hooks. Scan the bar code on the garment, and it will display on the monitor with big numbers where to hang it.


One last scan can be done at the bagging station to be sure all the garments belong to the order being bagged.


To the Production & Assembly System, add Automatic Assembly Conveyors


Metalprogetti Assembly Conveyor. Price for this add-on is: $2,995.-


HMC, Quick Sort and White Assembly Conveyor. Price for this add-on is: $695.-


Assembly System: $995.00

Rent: $39.00 per month



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