Remote Manager

Multi-Store Manager

The Remote Manager System is used to consolidate data replicated from all stores. This information includes the following:

  • Customer Info

  • Invoice Info

  • Accounts Receivable Info

  • Time Clock Info

  • Employee Messages

  • Etc.


In a few quick steps, change the prices in all stores, print Time Clock for all employees, send statements to customers from all stores, and much more! All from one Location!

More Features:

  • Create, print or email statements

  • Credit Card Payments

  • Finance and transaction reports

  • Balance reports

  • Print pick-up lists

  • Print delivery lists

  • Print Time Clock

  • Upload message to any Employee

  • Change prices

         ..., and more!


Remote Manager: $1,295.00

Requires replication added to the database in all locations.



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